QuestionsCategory: FamilyMy Wife's identity was stolen by a relative and she won't cut them off.
PeakTeenagePeakTeenage asked 1 month ago

Three years ago my wife’s cousin (who quite a bit like her) “borrowed” my wife’s license and managed to get a credit card in her name. She racked up a few thousand dollars in debt before she was caught. My wife paid off the debt after her cousin vowed to pay her back and begged her not to go to the police. Now that’s it’s been a few years this cousin has continued to get into trouble. She committed another fraud, this time against her employer, and was caught but avoided prison since it was her “first” offence.
This cousin, who basically robbed us, is still in our life, showing up to family barbecues and coming over to our house even though she has shown no sign of remorse and continues to screw over other people. How can I convince my wife to finally cut her off?