QuestionsIs my mother cheating on my father? Should I tell him?
NeoNightNeoNight asked 1 month ago

So my mom is a stay at home mother raising my younger siblings. I moved out a few years ago, but a few weeks ago I was over at my parents house and saw that my mother was talking with some guy back and forth over snapchat.
It only stood out because I’d never seen her use snapchat. It seems really suspicious, but I don’t know for sure if she is cheating on my dad and even if she was, do I tell my dad?

1 Answers
PeakTeenagePeakTeenage answered 1 month ago

When you tell you father, ask him not to tell your mother that you were the one who let him know. Whether she is actually cheating or just talking with other men secretly he has a right to know what is happening in his own marriage.