QuestionsCategory: RelationshipsFriends and family judging me (29F) over the age of my partner (45M). Is our age difference too big?
PotteriPotteri asked 1 month ago

Hello Askopians – my partner is quite a bit older than me. He’s 45 and I’m 29. We’ve been together for about a year and I regularly get comments about it from my friends and family. I feel like we are in the same stage of life, both of us out of college and working, both of us not wanting to start a family. But my mother will point out that if we did start a family that he would be pretty old as a new father. 
Is this something that I should be more concerned about?

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CakehongCakehong answered 1 month ago

I don’t know how long you two have been together but this is probably something that will fade with time. Sometimes new people need to earn trust in our lives, wether that’s a new friend or an in-law. The fact that he’s a little older probably puts him in that position.